Monday, December 20, 2010

Women's safety

Patriarchal attitude has been prevalent in India for ages. The caste system and patriarchy remain unchanged even in urban India. Our development is superficial. Men are afraid of women's progress and, therefore, subject them to humiliation. As a first step, society should accept gender equality. We should introduce the concept of equality in school curriculum. What is required is the urbanisation of social thought.

Given the alarming rise in the number of crimes against women in Delhi, the government should implement the existing laws strictly to rein in the perpetrators. If necessary, it should enact a new law providing for more stringent punishment.

Governments in major cities should also take the help of technology to restore order in public places. With the help of NGOs and the media, they should educate people on safety. Installation of CCTV cameras at parks and public places like roads and bus stops, well-lit streets and signboards showing routes and displaying emergency numbers at public places will also help.

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