Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fighting corruption

Before we blame the political class and the bureaucracy for being corrupt, we must understand that it is we who make them corrupt. In a highly populated country like India, where corruption is deeply rooted, we must take steps to abate corruption, even if we cannot eliminate it.

If corruption has to be fought relentlessly, the first thing we must do is lead an incorruptible life. I got everything done without offering a bribe, though it was a tedious process. I got my electricity card, water supply and telephone connection, and my vehicle and driving licence transferred without bribing anyone. One should have the patience and moral courage to remain uncorrupted. We must lead by example.

In its current form and magnitude, corruption is alarming. Officials who indulge in corrupt practices should ask themselves if they have achieved anything. We can get rid of corruption only when those who indulge in it realise their mistake.

In today's fast-paced world, no one is patient. If one wants to get work done, one feels the best way out is to offer a bribe.Legally, it is wrong but it is unavoidable because of over population.

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