Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I watched the movie 'GANDHI'. I started it watching after interval and couldn't stop me watching the entire movie.You simply can't think of about the greatness of the man who was voted as the 'Man of the millennium' just after Albert Einstein by the Time magazine in 2000 or who has voted as the 'Best icon of the India' of all times by NDTV recently. i was simply thrilled when, I watched millions of people walking behind him in a scene of the movie on 'Dandi march'. Its a different kind of feeling to actually feel how a simple man rooted out the 'British empire' from India without any violence by means of truth (Ahimsa & Sayagraha). When he was on hunger strike, violent riots all over India simply stopped for the improvement of his health. Such was his image among the people of every religion, cast and creed. He is loved by all sections of the people of this country ant the world.