Monday, December 20, 2010

Sachin & The Rest

In these situations I like Dravid and Laxman more than Sachin. I don't know y he was taking singles on first ball of every over??? I know, I can be stoned for this statement here in India. But the question remains; y was he giving strike to tail enders??? No doubt, Sachin is a great batsman, but many say he is not a player of big stage. He failed to perform on big occasions like world cup final, final innings/day of Important Test matches. More we remember the sad endings of his great innings be it 175 vs Aus in ODI, innigs vs Pak in tests, Man of the series in WC & this one being the latest.

However statistics cannot reveal everything. Tendulkar has not equalled the creative genius of batsman like Brian Lara or Rohan Kanhai, the brilliance of Sobers in a crisis, the prowess of Hobbs and Headley on wet tracks and the destructive ability of Viv Richards or Sehwag. At his best Viv Richards could change the complexion of a game to a greater extent while in a crisis Lara would overshadow Sachin with his brilliant ability to compile mammoth scores as he did in the 1999 home series against Australia, where his successive brilliant century scores turned the tide of the series. Any batsman playing for 20 yrs will make at least 40 centuries. But I admire the ppl of India who have made him "God" and given the certificate to play for eternity. Mathew Hayden almost equaled all the records of Sachin in less than half of the period.

All the landmarks there were to be achieved has been achieved. Next one is his century of centuries which I think is possible in this series of RSA. Only India needs to play SRT in the ODI series. But what I see from here is the biggest achievement will be lifting the world cup (I am sure Sachin has this dream like all Indians) the only thing left. And I hope Sachin can do it twice 2011 and 2015

Way to go Sachin, the genius, the brilliant, the little master, the cricket god...
ohh I am out of words...

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