Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youth Power!

When someone talks politics today, it is like noise. He is immediately told “We have better jobs to do.” There are many issues that concern the young. The economy, security scenario and people losing their jobs as some of the areas needing urgent action. I thinks young politicians can have better ideas related to these issues.

So where does “Youth” stands in the 15th Lok Sabha elections. With an estimated one quarter of voters aged between 18 and 25 years, every party is trying to woo young voters through campaigns specially designed for them and young candidates are being projected as “important faces” of the party.

Are young people really impressed? To an extent yes, with some youngsters even starting voluntary campaigns. At the same time occupied with their academic demands and employment prospects, the young find no identification with any of the tactics for luring vote banks. Politicians are not interested in listening to youths and understanding their needs.

The young are disillusioned with the older generation of leaders and their power battles and feel a great disconnect. But not many names come to mind of young politicians, apart from a Rahul Gandhi or a Milind Deora or a Sachin Pilot.

A leader is someone who should inspire. Who should make people realise their duties, make them think. How many leaders today satisfies that criteria? At the same time we also should Analyse what is right and wrong. Don’t just follow.

For many, Rahul Gandhi has become the symbol of the young blood and the change that they speak about. Varun Gandhi on the other hand does not strike a chord. Clearly, in the eyes of the youth, no one can get cheap popularity, they understands what is right, what is wrong.

The country needs change and new ideas. I am glad that the parties are thinking about youngsters and putting up at least some young candidates. They may lack experience, but it is important to give them a chance to gain experience. They are setting an example and telling us that politics is not an area of darkness for the young.

Yes, it feels nice to know that there are young people in fray. But let us not forget that ‘who are they?’ After all, with dynasty rule firmly in place in all political parties, it is sons and daughters of senior politicians who dominate in the line up of young politicians contesting polls this time. It is not easy for others to break into the system within a party and its strict hierarchy.

Observers say the youth are not a vote bank, even as 40 per cent of voters are below 35, as pointed out in the media. How many will vote for the Samajwadi Party’s manifesto of doing away with computers or English education? How many vote for BJP's mandir in ayodhya? But then, what options do the youth have?


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  2. .hmmm...on a serious note,,i don't know nethng bout politics ..he he ...but newayz i knw as much is mentioned,,,it will take sometym b4 v see wat v want to, in d political scenario.