Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radia raids

I don't know why CBI raids yrs after a big scam comes to the knowledge of people or it is ordered for the investigation of a corrupt politician, bureaucrat, media person or a industrialist. nothing incriminating could be searched from offices and residences after a year. The recent example being Raja & Radia Raids. Another example is CWG & Suresh kalmadi, I don't know why CBI is waiting for to raid kalmai & even interrogate him?

 Only last month Mr Raja’s exit became unavoidable after the Comptroller and Auditor General had laid bare all the sordid details of the unspeakable spectrum saga. Several more days were allowed to lapse before the Central Bureau of Investigation (cbi) raided the residences of Mr Raja and his key aides. It didn’t occur to the innocent soul that those under the scanner are not so foolish as to let incriminating documents lie around their homes and offices. Up to the time of writing, Mr Raja hadn’t even been interrogated, leave alone being put under arrest. Under these circumstances, more and more people have begun to ask: What use is the Prime Minister’s unblemished personal integrity when he is unable to control his ministers and others recklessly exercising their gift of the grab?

 Is this an attempt by the CBI to sensationalise their efforts on the Radia tapes and the Raja episode. No evidence would be kept loose in a house or residence after a year of it being leaked, especially after the sacking of mister Raja and action taken on Radia. I think its completely outlandish. This excercise at least where the CBI is raiding the premisis and offices of those who were involved. All of them were aware of it and I am sure would have taken due precautions to get rid of the stuff.

Unless this is a documented excercise which is required in court. Unless, if the CBI already has enough evidence to grill them so that they can put the raid documents just to substantiate them ,we do not know up to what extent these raids are?

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