Thursday, April 23, 2009

People who shock humanity with their inhuman behavior expect humane treatment ?

The report that Ajmal Amir ‘Kasab’, the lone terrorist captured alive in the Mumbai attack, has retracted his statement is painful. Ajmal’s frequent u-turns are aimed at prolonging the judicial process.His claim that he confessed under pressure is meaningless. What he did, entire world has watched live. He has claimed that he is a minor and the court has no jurisdiction to try him. He has also complained that he was subjected to physical torture.

Why do people who shock humanity with their inhuman behavior expect humane treatment when they get caught? Is there any cause to treat Ajmal and his ilk sympathetically? Does his being a “minor” make a difference to the victims of his attack?

It is surprising to see ‘Kasab’ being treated as an ordinary criminal. He is not a petty thief. He is an enemy sent on a mission by foreign forces. He must be treated as an enemy combatant.

As the world’s largest democracy, we no doubt have the responsibility to ensure that an accused gets a fair trial. Which is why, even in the face of clear evidence against ‘Kasab,’ we proceeded to provide him legal counsel. But if this trial prolongs then it will give a bad signal about our security scenario and about our capabilities to deal with criminals. At the same time with the 24-7 media capturing every detail of the case and making sensational stories on the issue will only harm our security and will give 'Kasab' the unnecessary hype.

The people are exasperated at the manner in which the trial is progressing. Should a terror accused like ‘Kasab’ be subjected to such an elaborate trial when the evidence against him is so conclusive? The least we can do for the victims of 26/11 is give them timely justice.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youth Power!

When someone talks politics today, it is like noise. He is immediately told “We have better jobs to do.” There are many issues that concern the young. The economy, security scenario and people losing their jobs as some of the areas needing urgent action. I thinks young politicians can have better ideas related to these issues.

So where does “Youth” stands in the 15th Lok Sabha elections. With an estimated one quarter of voters aged between 18 and 25 years, every party is trying to woo young voters through campaigns specially designed for them and young candidates are being projected as “important faces” of the party.

Are young people really impressed? To an extent yes, with some youngsters even starting voluntary campaigns. At the same time occupied with their academic demands and employment prospects, the young find no identification with any of the tactics for luring vote banks. Politicians are not interested in listening to youths and understanding their needs.

The young are disillusioned with the older generation of leaders and their power battles and feel a great disconnect. But not many names come to mind of young politicians, apart from a Rahul Gandhi or a Milind Deora or a Sachin Pilot.

A leader is someone who should inspire. Who should make people realise their duties, make them think. How many leaders today satisfies that criteria? At the same time we also should Analyse what is right and wrong. Don’t just follow.

For many, Rahul Gandhi has become the symbol of the young blood and the change that they speak about. Varun Gandhi on the other hand does not strike a chord. Clearly, in the eyes of the youth, no one can get cheap popularity, they understands what is right, what is wrong.

The country needs change and new ideas. I am glad that the parties are thinking about youngsters and putting up at least some young candidates. They may lack experience, but it is important to give them a chance to gain experience. They are setting an example and telling us that politics is not an area of darkness for the young.

Yes, it feels nice to know that there are young people in fray. But let us not forget that ‘who are they?’ After all, with dynasty rule firmly in place in all political parties, it is sons and daughters of senior politicians who dominate in the line up of young politicians contesting polls this time. It is not easy for others to break into the system within a party and its strict hierarchy.

Observers say the youth are not a vote bank, even as 40 per cent of voters are below 35, as pointed out in the media. How many will vote for the Samajwadi Party’s manifesto of doing away with computers or English education? How many vote for BJP's mandir in ayodhya? But then, what options do the youth have?

Friday, April 17, 2009

On Ragging

Ragging is an evil that continues unabated despite the Supreme Court directive to educational institutions to end it. In recent times almost every week we heard a new case of ragging from around the country. Sometimes juniors tried for suicide, sometimes they were beaten heavily, and some times they even lost their life due to this evil.

Recently a first-year management student from Coimbatore, suffered serious injuries due to ragging by his seniors. Some two weeks back a student lost his life due to ragging in medical college of Dharmshala. It is not fair to blame the college authorities for not preventing the attack on freshers. Sometimes student was staying in a private hostel, where the senior students allegedly went in the middle of the night and demanded money.

Ragging implies mild mischief played by seniors on new entrants. But when such play results in illegal assembly and causes irreparable damage to the victim, one should not make an attempt to bestow respectability on the ugly activity.

Ragging has lost its meaning completely today. When a students comes out of school and joins a new medical or engineering college he knows very little about this completely new environment. There are students who come from villages or remote areas, they need to improve their personality, communication skills and they need a help in their academics. Ragging in a way can be a tool to remove the shyness, improve the intellectual capacity of freshers and let them learn how to face the new world of professionals, it can help in increasing interaction between senior and juniors.

With the number of colleges and hostels ever increasing, and new admissions running into lakhs across the country, it is difficult to keep a continuous watch on students to prevent ragging. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that the victim is usually alone with no friends to approach after the incident, as he is still new to the college. The strength of the seniors lies in their numbers. A victim of ragging is bound to rag his juniors.

If institutions can open two or three weeks earlier exclusively for the freshers, they will get sufficient time to know and befriend one another.The hostel staff need to be vigilant at the beginning of a teaching session. It is important to raise a brigade of students dedicated to eliminating ragging. It should not only report instances of ragging but also intervene to stop them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Worst till date?

With the Lok Sabha election fast approaching, we find our political parties busy in doing anything for votes. But it is unfortunate that leaders using foul language are finding much attention by mass and media. Hardly a day passes without seeing television images of our so called representatives spewing venom on their opponents. It is unfortunate that many of our political leaders make inflammatory and indecent remarks during election. Our politicians often make comments which lead to controversies and, sometimes, land them in trouble with the law. They then try to escape saying they meant something else. Freedom of speech is not freedom to indulge in irresponsible talk.

With the 24x7 media straining to break news, such speeches get unparalleled attention. What is worrying is that this oral offensive is neither the outcome of momentary lapses into indiscretion nor an exception. It is becoming an indispensable and accepted part of our political discourse.

This is the worst election so far. The issues relevant to people are not discussed or addressed. The Mud Slinging has reached its climax. Personality wars are raging. Undue importance is given to persons who are born with a particular family name. The electorate is frustrated and the turnout is expected to be very low.What has happened to issues like disease, illiteracy, lack of water, power, roads, lack of jobs, lack of hospitals, lack of schools, high level of corruption, serious pending cases against politicians etc.

The middle class knows only too well that the “crushing under the roller,” “bloodbath,” “Ram temple” and other such remarks are political gimmicks. The so-called elite have no intention to vote and therefore ignore such irresponsible speak. The poor hardly care for the issues on which the noise is made as they are busy with their day-to-day issues. Then for whom these politicians are making these remarks and to whom they are trying to impress? Such statements, at best, may be honey for the ears of those who blindly follow the showy politicians.

The voters should evaluate a candidate’s worth on the basis of not just his or her integrity or ability to serve but also the maturity level to handle criticism. I hope the candidates will understand that they are watched and every home has at least one educated person who can change the opinion of his or her family members when they go to vote.

Election 2009 is one of the worst elections, if viewed in the context of campaigning by some of our leaders. Worse, they are not even ashamed of what they speak. The election will be remembered for Varun Gandhi’s hate speech, Lalu Prasad’s statement that he would have crushed the young BJP leader under a roller had he been the Home Minister, Mulayam Singh threatening a woman official, Uddhav Thackeray calling the Prime Minister names, and Vaiko warning of a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu while supporting a banned organization, Modi and Priyanka episode and now the tussle between Soina and Advani.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It needs something else to become no.1

India has won a test series in New Zealand after some 40 years or so..obviously its a great matter of joy, but is the winning margin of 1-0 a true indication of dominance of India? In the last day - a gloomy one - of a tough season, New Zealand had a few bright spots to hang on to. Of course, the series had been lost the day they were bowled out for 197 at the Basin Reserve. For the last three days, it has been all about whether they could salvage a draw, with or without the help of a circumspect India and unpredictable weather.

It was a poor declaration by MS Dhoni when he batted too long, he should have known that the weather could change on the last day. He would have been aware of that and he could have backed his bowlers not to concede 600 or so runs. They made a mistake and New Zealand were able to get out with a draw. If he wanted 600 on board and then attacking field placement then why didn't he do that? Why all were playing like schoolboys and making giggling noise? On day 3 India, had a lead larger than any target successfully chased in the fourth innings of some 1918 tests played in 132 years. Over the world's No. 8 team, one they had bowled out for 197 runs in the first innings of the same Test. Two days later, when the Indian team trooped off the field, they were still looking for the last New Zealand two wickets

India's disappointment was evident at not winning the Test, despite a charismatic spell of legspin bowling from Sachin Tendulkar, who combined really well with Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan, with 16 wickets, ended as the highest wicket-taker in the series. "Of course it is a bit disappointing not to win this Test," captain MS Dhoni said after the test.

The safety-first approach highlighted India's lack of success overseas. The value of this win was immense and its enormity is beginning to be understood. But India lacked the ruthlessness required to win the test. The hunger to win in each and every situation has always been a trade mark of a champion side be it West Indies or Australia. But India clearly lacked it during 4th day of last match. To become no.1 in world India needs to learn a lesson or two from those champion sides.

The one thing to watch out against is complacency, which seemed to surface now and then, as it did on the fourth and fifth days of the third Test when inclement weather, with the assistance of some aimless drift and tactical looseness, denied India an even more convincing series victory.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After Bush, Wen Jiabao now P Chidambaram

In a shocking incident, a journalist hurled a shoe at Union Home Minister P Chidambaram during a press conference convened by the Congress party to unveil its blueprint to fight terror in India.

Chidambaram was replying to a question posed by a Sikh journalist on the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) clean chit to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. The journalists was apparently not happy by the reply given the minister and hence was insisting on getting clarifications.

Then all of a sudden he hurled a shoe at the Home Minister. Everybody present was shocked by the incident.

The shoe missed Palaniappan Chidambaram, who lent back to avoid it. He later smiled and asked security guards to take the reporter out of the room.

"Please take him away," the minister said after the missile was thrown at him. Congress party workers immediately took the white turbaned journalist away.

This was the latest incident of show-throwing as a mark of protest against political leaders, including former President George W Bush and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Was it over reaction or the true anguish of people....whatever it be, but this kind of act shouldn't be tolerated, because it's not only the insult of Home minister but it's a insult of whole country.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be ware of these politicians!

1.Actor-turned- politician Sanjay Dutt on Tuesday said he was not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision to disallow him from contesting the upcoming general elections.“I was not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision. I respect the decision of the honourable court. I am a law-abiding citizen and I really appreciate that the honourable court had absolved me from Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (TADA),” Dutt told reporters.

On July 31, 2007, he was sentenced to a jail term of six years for illegal possession of firearms acquired from terrorist acquaintances, who were responsible for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts.

2.The man accused of engineering anti-sikh riots in 1984 has just got a clean chit. As expected former Union Minister Jagdish Tytler has been let off by the CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) in its final report.
De-sealing its final report in the case in the court, the CBI pleaded that the case against Tytler, the Congress' candidate from the Delhi North East constituency, be canceled. "The Sikh vote has never been a problem. They have never voted against me - there is no question of the 1984 riots and the allegations against me," said Tytler. Lately Congress was feeling the heat for the 1984 Anti-sikh massacre from BJP and section of the Media , and wants to do away with it , the best idea was to use the "CBI" to clear the name of Mr.Tytler , So if no one is responsible for the massacre , then how did it happened, we have "N" no reports which tells that Congress leaders were responsible for the killing, What should we do with that report ? If BJP is responsible for 2000 riots then Congress was for the 1984 , so a pot should not call the kettle black.

3.Indian media has created a new leader for the BJP and for the Hinduithava factions , with out any help from the BJP, They have managed single handily made a big issue of a small speech give in a remote place. It should be noted that nothing has happened from his "inflammatory" speech till date!! All the "News" channels are flashing that it is a drama , but one thing they are forgetting is that the drama was created by them and not by any one else, if any one in India have watched the "News" channels for the past 10 days would repeat the speech from heart. it was really funny, the way the Congress spokesperson was talking to a "News" channel, it clearly showed that he was frustrated, angry, and dose not know what to do (i.e. Helplessness). The media and the UP government did not expect the turnout (one estimate 10000 people), and was literally take back by the support Varun got.

These are three incidents of this week which forced me to think about today's politics. So we should teach a lesson or two to these politicians who by raising people's sentiments and creating divide in society want to earn cheep and fast popularity for their own interests.