Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be ware of these politicians!

1.Actor-turned- politician Sanjay Dutt on Tuesday said he was not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision to disallow him from contesting the upcoming general elections.“I was not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision. I respect the decision of the honourable court. I am a law-abiding citizen and I really appreciate that the honourable court had absolved me from Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (TADA),” Dutt told reporters.

On July 31, 2007, he was sentenced to a jail term of six years for illegal possession of firearms acquired from terrorist acquaintances, who were responsible for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts.

2.The man accused of engineering anti-sikh riots in 1984 has just got a clean chit. As expected former Union Minister Jagdish Tytler has been let off by the CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) in its final report.
De-sealing its final report in the case in the court, the CBI pleaded that the case against Tytler, the Congress' candidate from the Delhi North East constituency, be canceled. "The Sikh vote has never been a problem. They have never voted against me - there is no question of the 1984 riots and the allegations against me," said Tytler. Lately Congress was feeling the heat for the 1984 Anti-sikh massacre from BJP and section of the Media , and wants to do away with it , the best idea was to use the "CBI" to clear the name of Mr.Tytler , So if no one is responsible for the massacre , then how did it happened, we have "N" no reports which tells that Congress leaders were responsible for the killing, What should we do with that report ? If BJP is responsible for 2000 riots then Congress was for the 1984 , so a pot should not call the kettle black.

3.Indian media has created a new leader for the BJP and for the Hinduithava factions , with out any help from the BJP, They have managed single handily made a big issue of a small speech give in a remote place. It should be noted that nothing has happened from his "inflammatory" speech till date!! All the "News" channels are flashing that it is a drama , but one thing they are forgetting is that the drama was created by them and not by any one else, if any one in India have watched the "News" channels for the past 10 days would repeat the speech from heart. it was really funny, the way the Congress spokesperson was talking to a "News" channel, it clearly showed that he was frustrated, angry, and dose not know what to do (i.e. Helplessness). The media and the UP government did not expect the turnout (one estimate 10000 people), and was literally take back by the support Varun got.

These are three incidents of this week which forced me to think about today's politics. So we should teach a lesson or two to these politicians who by raising people's sentiments and creating divide in society want to earn cheep and fast popularity for their own interests.

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