Thursday, April 23, 2009

People who shock humanity with their inhuman behavior expect humane treatment ?

The report that Ajmal Amir ‘Kasab’, the lone terrorist captured alive in the Mumbai attack, has retracted his statement is painful. Ajmal’s frequent u-turns are aimed at prolonging the judicial process.His claim that he confessed under pressure is meaningless. What he did, entire world has watched live. He has claimed that he is a minor and the court has no jurisdiction to try him. He has also complained that he was subjected to physical torture.

Why do people who shock humanity with their inhuman behavior expect humane treatment when they get caught? Is there any cause to treat Ajmal and his ilk sympathetically? Does his being a “minor” make a difference to the victims of his attack?

It is surprising to see ‘Kasab’ being treated as an ordinary criminal. He is not a petty thief. He is an enemy sent on a mission by foreign forces. He must be treated as an enemy combatant.

As the world’s largest democracy, we no doubt have the responsibility to ensure that an accused gets a fair trial. Which is why, even in the face of clear evidence against ‘Kasab,’ we proceeded to provide him legal counsel. But if this trial prolongs then it will give a bad signal about our security scenario and about our capabilities to deal with criminals. At the same time with the 24-7 media capturing every detail of the case and making sensational stories on the issue will only harm our security and will give 'Kasab' the unnecessary hype.

The people are exasperated at the manner in which the trial is progressing. Should a terror accused like ‘Kasab’ be subjected to such an elaborate trial when the evidence against him is so conclusive? The least we can do for the victims of 26/11 is give them timely justice.

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