Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bihar Election 2010

After five years Nitish Kumar has grown bigger and bigger.There was no other option in front of people of Bihar.So Nitish got the "crown" and the 'rule" in absence of any option with the help of some development slogan.

Out of the 49 muslim seats in Bihar; NDA wins 36. CON party gets 1. A big change in the Indian Politics. Nitish Kumar finally proves that what people want is development and progress...not some silly divisiveness and casteism...way to go! Also Congress' bankrupt dynastic politics has been ruthlessly exposed in Bihar' Couldn't agree more.

I don't know if it is the "Golden Age" of Bihar or not, but it's definitely the Golden Age of BJP-JDU government. Clearly schools and colleges will have to be at the centre of the next 5 years in Bihar. Education,water,sanitation,girl empowerment & employment should be given due care.

all Politicians shud now get d message what works-sincere attmpt at anticorruption & Development always wins:)Hereafter, jokes will be about the Lalus and the Congress and not about Bihar :)

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