Monday, November 1, 2010

Adarsh Society

Apparently India has fallen victim to a scam by Adarsh Society One thing is for sure... Adarsh Society scam is definitely going to cloud cwg corruption sensation. We are being habituated to it every new day , anew scam.

Cwg corruption  then  Adarsh Society scam, so many scams , we could have a dedicated corruptions news channel ICN. Everyone seems to have forgotten Cwg corruption, thanks to Adarsh Society scam. New heroes makes you forget the immortals of the past. Adarsh Society has done same for the Cwg.

Kalmadi at CWGames and now AshokChavan in Adarshsociety scam. What's common in the two??? Congress. If all the politicians involved in the Adarsh Society scam leave office; Maharastra will be completely devoid of congresswallahs!

What exactly is meant by 'offer to resign'?  Have never quite understood that! can media do this country a favor- people in these Scam should not be let off, please take this to the finish..!!

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