Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LTTE supremo Prabakaran dead

The reported killing of Velupillai Prabakaran, his son and other top LTTE leaders by the Sri Lankan armed forces has brought to an end a horrific chapter in the history of Sri Lanka. Bloodshed, in its worst form, marked three decades of violence in Sri Lanka with the LTTE pursuing the unjustified demand for a separate Eelam. A horrendous chapter in the history of terror and megalomania has come to an end with Prabakaran's elimination. With help and sympathy from across the Palk Strait and money from the Tamil diaspora the world over, the LTTE leader hijacked the Sri Lankan Tamil movement for equality and rights. The LTTE ruthlessly eliminated its political opponents, including Rajiv Gandhi. Prabakaran became a victim of the sword he raised many times to eliminate others.

The LTTE's decision to concede defeat was too little too late. Had it taken the decision six months ago, thousands of civilian deaths could have been avoided. It fought a losing battle which resulted in unnecessary death and destruction.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa who put down the Tigers with an iron hand deserves to be praised and thanked. President Rajapaksa deserves praise for the manner in which he dealt with the LTTE. He has created history by eradicating the terrorist menace from the Sri Lankan soil. Mr. Rajapaksa's courage and determination are truly laudable. Our leaders should learn a lesson or two from him on liberating India from terrorism.

Prabakaran's death marks the fall of a dreaded terrorist organisation. His end is a lesson for those who divide their country for personal benefits by poisoning the minds of innocent people.There is a lesson for potential rebels in Prabakaran's end. Armed struggles have not and will not succeed. For gaining one's rights, one does not have to kill people. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King would have no relevance if violence was effective. Unfortunately, history could not convince Prabakaran to adopt peaceful means. The other lesson is for those at the helm of affairs. Victory achieved using weapons is temporary. The root cause of the issue needs to be addressed politically and economically.

With his death, the most dreaded terror group camouflaged as freedom fighters stands annihilated. It is now for the Sri Lankan government to ensure that history is not repeated.This is a crucial time for Sri Lanka. The government should find an amicable, humanitarian and dignified solution to the ethnic crisis with the help of India and other nations. The representatives of Tamils should be included in the talks to find a permanent solution within the framework of the Sri Lankan ConstitutionPrabakaran's killing, it is hoped, will mark the beginning of a new dawn in the island nation.

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan troops recovered the body of slain rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on Tuesday, a day after he was killed in the Tamil Tigers' last stand against government forces in the north, the military said.

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