Thursday, May 14, 2009

In case of Hung parliament

The Congress wants a non-BJP government, the Third front wants a non-Congress and non-BJP government, and the BJP wants to take the support of any combination on its terms. The President sure has a tough task ahead.

It is indeed stocktaking time for parties in the run-up to government formation. All parties are getting ready to woo MPs to get the requisite numerical strength in Parliament.Before and during the polls, every party is an enemy of the other. But after the elections, all parties, doubtful of their position, start wooing those they criticised and opposed during electioneering. As usual it is the voter who is left in the lurch, looking like a fool.

Electoral bargains from the very beginning of the Lok Sabha term do not augur well for the country’s future.It is appalling to see our leaders compromising their ideology and conviction for power. Can people trust those who change their colour on the basis of the electoral outcome? No wonder, the educated are losing interest in election and democracy.

The Constitution gives the right to every eligible citizen to contest the elections. No wonder we have many individuals and parties in the fray. Any number of parties can align to form a majority in Parliament. As more and more parties contest and come together to form a government, governance becomes more difficult. The leader of the coalition is forced to abandon its policies. The Constitution can be amended restricting the number of parties that can combine to form a government.

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