Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Youth icon: Sachin Tendulker

I am 24. I havent even followed the whole of the Great man's career. But I am sometimes proud to say that I started following cricket only because of Sachin Tendulkar. And also most of the things I have learned about the game is by watching him on the field. Around 96-97, All of us were so excited to watch him score centuries one after another. I dont agree that India loses when he makes a 100. Statistics support me. What he has done is, he has held the belief and expectations of a whole country on his shoulders before some match-winners stood up. And he has delivered most of the times. I also agree there are players who can be compared with him. But he has achieved more than anybody under more pressure. I am not sure of the tests, but I can surely say his oneday records will remain for many years to come. I am happy that I could watch this man play all those gem of innings'.

It is blissful to watch the little colossus firm up and drive through a packed off-side field, often reducing it to an audience. No other person is perhaps such a household favourite — urban or rural — as is the master blaster. He is the favourite of children and the elderly, men and women. No wonder all our casual and earned leaves were consumed by cricket matches in which Sachin played. The nation has been entertained to its ecstatic best by the near-perfect cricketing hero of our times.

What has kept Tendulkar going for two decades is his amazing passion for the game. He is the ultimate role model.

To remain unfazed and focus on the game, undeterred by the odd wrong umpiring decision, keep out of controversy and fulfil the hopes and aspirations of millions of countrymen is a task lesser mortals are incapable of. When Sachin bids goodbye, it will be the saddest day in Indian cricket.

I pray he goes on and on. And lastly I want Sachin to win the world cup for India.

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