Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On homosexuality

All major religions originated in Asia and the religious texts concentrated more on controlling the mind and any desire considered unnatural was taboo. People have lived in this part of the continent with contentment as the endurance limit of the family and society as a whole has no parallel. Applying the ways of life of the West, with no controls, will only lead to chaos in society.

There is always a section that does not fall in line with the majority. Society need not take cognisance of it. Counselling people is the need of the hour, not approving what is followed by a few.

No religion approves of homosexuality. The religions would not have condemned homosexuality had the sexual orientation been due to the genes. Homosexuality is more of a choice. Orientation, inclination, etc., are only hand maidens of the environment and the company the homosexuals keep. There are cases in which counsellors have succeeded in transforming homosexuals into heterosexuals. Homosexuality, therefore, is reversible.

The increasing prevalence of HIV, proctitis and anal cancer among gay groups has been well documented in medical literature. Increasing rates of suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse among them have also been adequately established. We should not studiously follow the American line which is guided by post-modernistic ideology.

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